Saturday, January 19, 2013

Two best ways of Earning

In my previous post First Step To Start Earning , i have told you what things you should take care before you start earning. Now the next thing you should first get clear that in what ways you want to ear. There are hundreds of ways to earn online, but first i will tell you about the most two reliable ways to earn which will get you a good income and may be equivalent to your salary.Here we go -
  1. Freelancing
  1. Website & Blog
Freelancing - Most of us are familiar with this word. And those who are not let me tell you, that freelancing means ' Doing job as a independent contractor for people who hire you' In simple words, a freelancer is a person who works independently not for a particular person or firm. There are hundreds of jobs posted out there for you to choose from. For instance, I was a freelancer during my school days and I was hired to do jobs like making power point presentations and other small works like formatting book for createspace or to do transcribing work. And what i personally believe that it is the most reliable source for income.

Website & Blog  - Next possible way for you to earn is that start your own blog or website. You can think it of as, starting a company of your own. You don't start to earn overnight by this means, but it will be very beneficial and will be a very fruitful for you in long run. Generally, most people don't prefer setting up a website rather they prefer a blog. The major reason is that people don't want to invest at the first step. For setting up a website you need to buy a domain, a hosting and then pay monthly for server hosting. Whereas blog is free, you only need to put your ideas and contents, rest all are done just by click. No coding, no cost, it's totally free. If you get a blog, make it famous, increase traffic then you can display ads on your blog to earn. Or you can earn by writing reviews on your blog and lots of other ways are there to earn from blog.

Please feel free to comment....More post coming which will describe websites for freelancing and websites where you can make a blog or website.



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