Saturday, January 26, 2013

Various Ways Of Earning

There are hundred of ways of earning online, it depends upon you what way you choose. For example, if you are skilled designer then you will choose freelancing rather than making a blog. In the same way if you want to establish your idea, then you will opt for website or blog rather than freelancing. So in that way there are hundreds of way by one can earn online. But beware, among every hundred offers, 99 are scams.
Here i am listing few ways of earning online apart from freelancing and blogging -
  1. Review Writing - You can earn for writing honest reviews of products which you have used. For instance, if you have purchased an iPhone, then you can write a review about it. Once you write a good review, detailed and honest and original, you get paid. Generally, such companies pay around 2$-5$ per review. But you have to be patience, you may or may not get approved at the first time.
  2. Blog/Article Post - The way you blog post for your blog, in the same way you can blog post for other companies or websites. For example, ehow, demandstudios, squidoo, are few the legit sites which pay writers for their post. 
  3. PTC Sites - PTC stands for Paid To Click, you are paid everytime you click you advertisement. Neobux is one of the best site in this regard. Earning are too low and may take month and lots of effort to reach minimum payout i.e. 1$, but you can earn decent amount if you get referrals.
  4. YouTube - Upload few interesting original videos made or captured by you that people will love to watch, and you are done. If you get high views, then your videos will be approved for displaying advertisements and you will start earning every time, when someone watch your videos.
  5. E book - If you can or thinking of writing book, then Internet has got a place for you. You can sell your book at good price and will be available to reach a wider audience.
  6. Templates Selling - You can sell your custom made templates. For example, you can make wordpress templates or blogger templates, then you can sell it, if you are not in technical field rather in designing field, then  you can design powerpoint templates.
  7. Surveys - There are lots of paid surveys available online. You get paid for completing surveys offered by various websites. Pay scale varies accordingly. But you cannot get surveys every time, it depends upon your demographics.
  8. Paid Emails - There are various sites like rupeemail, which pays you for receiving their advertisers mail. What you have to do is to open their mail, visit their websites for fixed time and you get paid.
  9. Sell Applications - If you are a programmer, the you can build android or ios apps and then you can either sell it on market or make it free. In case you make it free and your apps gets considerable downloads, the advertisers will advertise their products on your app and you earn a decent amount.
  10. Photo Selling - Are you passionate about photography ? Then this is the best option available in front of you. Get your hi-tech camera out of box, take some cool pics, and sell it.
  11. Online store - You can either setup your own online shopping store to sell your own products, or setup a affiliate store. You can setup your own online store and sell amazon or ebay products and earn commission.
  12. E-tutoring -If you are college student, then you can earn online by teaching students. You can earn like 3000$ per month, by tutoring online. Even if you are teacher in real life or free person but have good knowledge in one particular field, the also you can join such sites.
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