Sunday, January 20, 2013

Best Freelancing Jobs & Websites

As in my previous post Two Most Reliable Way Of Earning i have described about freelancing and blog.
Starting from the beginning, let's first discuss about Freelancing and then Blog or Website.

Freelancing  is the most reliable source of earning and if you are very talented or have lots of technical skills you can earn more or equivalent to your per month salary.

Types of Freelancing Jobs
There are various of jobs posted every day, from data entry to website designing, there is place for everyone.Some of the jobs are like - logo designing, website designing, app building, data entry, Photoshop work , presentation making, testimonial, etc....I can't describe them in even in hundred post. That's why i have said in my previous post First Step Toward Earning that knowing and implementing your talent in yourselve is most important thing.
Different websites have their own premise of offering jobs and pay scale varies as jobs varies. For example, a logo designer can earn around 4$ on one website whereas on other website people are ready to pay 15$ for same logo. So know your area, talent and you will find work easily. And, At the beginning don't start searching for sites that pay higher.

Websites for free Freelancing
There are hundreds of websites currently active for freelancing jobs, but you have to look for website which has higher traffic, more clients and easy payout. Here I am listing websites which i have used personally and earned. These are not on rank basis -
  1. Fiverr - This is the best i had ever came across my whole life. Fiverr is not like other freelancing sites because while starting you can offer your service at a fixed price of 5$. You can offer all types of services, for example, People dress in apple costume and wish you happy birthday for 5$, or you can do keyword research for 5$. Whatever in the world you can offer, fiverr has got place for you.And believe me, if you like doing crazy stuff, fiverr will make you rich overnight. People are earning 1000$ of per month doing various types of jobs and people will hire or find you very easily on Fiverr.
  2.  Freelance - The oldest freelancing site, If you are experienced, have a good portfolio, good job background, then you may get job. Jobs posted here are very expensive, jobs are around 100$-10k$. If you have no good portfolio and working experience, there is very less chance for you to get job.
  3.  Odesk - Same to Freelance, just more good and advanced. Due to increase in it's popularity in recent few years, it has same good jobs posted out. But again, without good portfolio and working experience, it is very hard to get a job. And you need to take lots of test to prove your competency in your premise.  
  4.  Elance - Same to Odesk, both Odesk and Elance are great place to earn, if you want to earn around 3000$ per month or more.
There are lots of more sites like fiverr, freelance, odesk and elance, but they are just clone of these sites. If  you really want to get your hands on bundle of cash, then try above sites, they are genuine, awesome, secure, verified and pay great.



  1. Hi,

    Thanks for this nice article. I have just created an account on and waiting for my first job there. I am already an active user of good freelancing sites like oDesk, Elance and Guru. Thanks,


    1. Hi Andy, thanks for showing your interest. oDesk and Elance are no doubt are good and legit sites, but the pay are low, i mean there is no fixed price for employers. If you want to earn some really good cash, then join ....It's the first and the oldest freelancing in world and best.