Sunday, January 20, 2013

Earning from Blog

Blog has became very popular nowadays, everyone owns a blog or they want to have one. Some want them for fun, some for sharing, and some for making money (Like Us). So here we will talk about how we can make money from blogging.
There are some requirements and some things to take care before you start to earn from blog.
First, and the most important thing is that, you should have a blog. Don't have one ? Go to the below sites and make one -
  1. Blogger - A Google initiative to blogging. If you are new to blogging, i would suggest you to go through this one. Simple and Easy.
  2. WordPress - This is really a dynamic blog building site.  You can build really awesome blogs with it, but the only issue with it, it's a bit technical and not completely free. But blogs made with wordpress are like WOW !!
After you sign-up for blog,the most tough part comes, that is what to blog about ? Blogging is about keeping your readers interested and compel them through your contents so they either subscribe you or become your daily visitor. So, for example, if you are chef and love cooking, then you can blog about your recipes and who knows if people start loving your recipes. The live example is this blog, you are reading my blog, because you are finding it interesting. So, get up, and think of some ideas that is unique and DON'T ever copy contents from one blog and paste it to your blog.
Ways Of Earning From Blog 
There are lots of ways one can earn from blog, but the most famous way of earning is by displaying ads on your blog. 
  1. Advertisement - The most famous way for bloggers to earn. You get paid everytime when a visitor to your blogs click any of the ads displayed. But getting approved for displaying ads is the hardest and most complicated part. Google Adsense, Chitika are some of the famous companies you provide ads to bloggers.
  2. Reviews - You can earn if you blog post about a company or product. There are various company who want bloggers to post something good about their companies or blogs. You can reach those companies, by sites like PayPerPost.
  3. Affiliate Marketing -  You get commission by selling products through your blog or getting members to sites. 
  4. Renting - If you your blog has huge traffic and a regular unique visitors. then you can rent the spaces of your blog to other folks. You may advertise their blogs or individual products on the white spaces that are on side of your blog. 
  5. CPM - If your blog has good traffic i.e. around 1k or 10k visitors per day, then you can apply for CPM programs where you will be payed for per 1000 views. One of the site offering such service is tribal fusion.
  6. Money Widgets - It is a advertising widget that is integrated in your blog sidebars most probably. 


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