Friday, January 18, 2013

What is Online Earning or Income ?

Few days back, i was running out of cash. I needed some cash to fulfill my needs, as i was a high school student, i was not able to do any part time jobs and nor in my locality any vocational jobs were available. Then a survey company came in India, which promises to pay for each survey we do and in lieu of that they ask for very small registration fees. So, me and my friends got ourselves enrolled into that company. If we were earning, and in around two or three months we were able to recover the registration fees that we paid. And for next few month we earned and later that company got into rival with some other companies and as a result this company got closed and later it was found that it was all scam. After that we thought to explore internet on survey companies, keeping in mind that there might be other legit survey companies. And After our first search we never looked back, especially  me.
So bascially, Online Earning means 'Process of Earning through Internet by doing jobs sitting at home and at your own comfort time'.
Internet is a place which has got place for everyone and every talent. We can monetize our hobby on Internet and also shout to world and let thousands of people know about you and your talent.
There are various of ways of earning online, lots of lots of ways are there to earn online, but not are legits and some which are legits don't pay reasonable price.
So what to do ?
That's why I am here to help you and let you know the genuine ways to boost your part time income.
Why should you read my blog ?
Because I am not sales agent of any website nor i own any system which i am promoting through my blog.
I am simply sharing my experience and my time that i use to research new ways or websites that are paying you for your indefatigable effort and help you by boosting your income.


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